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Honours and Timeline

June 2017

  • Division 1 Winners:  Carleton Globetrotters
  • Division 1 Runners Up:  Uncle Tom's Slim Boy Fats
  • Division 2 North Winners:  Raikes A
  • Division 2 North Runners Up:  Rossall Tavern
  • Division 2 South Winners:  Q's B
  • Division 2 South Runners Up:  Old Bridge C
  • Team Knockout Winners:  Raikes A
  • Team Knockout Runners Up:  Wings Club
  • Division 1 Average Winner:  Josh Guy (Raikes X)
  • Division 2 North Average Winner:  Wayne Thomas (Raikes A)
  • Division 2 South Average Winner:  Adam Wright (Q's B)
  • Masters Knockout Winner:  Jordan McElroy (Raikes A)
  • Singles Knockout Winner:  Jordan McElroy (Raikes A)
  • Singles Knockout Runner Up:  Lee Duffy (Q's Misfits)
  • Singles Plate Winner:  Jake Sim (Raikes X)
  • Singles Plate Runner Up:  Ian Sheldon (Q's Misfits)
  • Doubles Knockout Winners:  Lee Duffy/ Matty Amir (Q's Misfits)
  • Doubles Knockout Runners Up:  Andrew Sparkes/ Carl Moss (Dog & Partridge Spartans)
  • 8 Ball Clearance Knockout Winner:  James Hardy (Raikes A)

October 2016

  • Division 1 Winners:  Raikes X
  • Division 1 Runners Up:  Q’s Misfits
  • Division 2 Winners:  Wings Club
  • Division 2 Runners Up:  Q’s B
  • Team Knockout Winners:  Washington
  • Team Knockout Runners Up:  Carleton Bowling Club
  • Division 1 Average Winner:  Mark Sterling (Raikes X)
  • Division 2 Average Winner:  Brian Wealthall (Royal Oak B)
  • Masters Knockout Winner:  Mark Sterling (Raikes X)
  • Singles Knockout Winner:  Josh Guy (Raikes X)
  • Singles Knockout Runner Up:  Otis Chambers (Q's B)
  • Doubles Knockout Winners:  Josh Guy/ Jake Sim (Raikes X)
  • Doubles Knockout Runners Up:  Dave McDonald/ Tony McArthur (Raikes A)
  • 8 Ball Clearance Knockout Winner:  Bob How (Carleton Bowling Club)
  • Captains Cup KO Winner: Stephen Nevin (Old Bridge A)
  • Captains/ Vice Doubles Cup KO Winners: Ian Sheldon/ Ben Willacy (Q's Misfits)

March 2016

  • Division 1 Winners:  The Squirrel
  • Division 1 Runners Up:  Q’s
  • Team Knockout Winners:  The Squirrel
  • Team Knockout Runners Up:  Raikes Hall
  • Top16 Knockout Winner:  Josh Guy (The Squirrel)
  • Singles Knockout Winner:  Andrew Morley (Q’s)
  • Singles Knockout Runner Up:  Dave McDonald (Raikes Hall)
  • Doubles Knockout Winners:  Danny Burgess/ Dave Owers (The Squirrel)
  • Doubles Knockout Runners Up:  Stephen Nevin/ Colin Jukes (Old Bridge A)
  • 7 Ball Clearance Knockout Winner:  Andrew Morley (Q's)

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